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We make housecalls and perform In-home Computer repairs or upgrades!

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Upgrades / additions / replacements for Laptops or Desktops

  • Add a larger hard drive and get more space, add a 2nd hard drive, replace a "failing" hard drive
  • Add more memory (RAM), speed up your system
  • Add a CD / DVD burner, internal or externally connected USB or firewire
  • We install Video cards and TV Tuner adapters, watch TV on your Laptop
  • Need Bluetooth capability on your system? We can easily add that functionality
  • Want to hear your music and movies in rich, vibrant sound? We install sound systems for your PC
  • Do you need firewire capability or want eSATA controller? No problem for the "Guru"
  • Don't you wish all your household computers could print to your printer? We can solve that issue and "network" your printer
  • Do you need to add a wireless network card to a desktop? We'll get it done quickly and simply
  • Want to buy GPS device for your laptop? We'll help you with that
  • Are you family pictures, home movies and music files backed up and safe if your computer crashes? We can help
  • WIRELESS NETWORKING Are you positive your personal information is safe from outside hackers? We tell you if you are
  • Need a physical network jack (connection) installed, we do that
  • Upgrade to the fastest wired and wireless network speeds, 1GB! Yeah, we do that
  • How sure do you feel with young children surfing the internet unsupervised? We can help
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