We solve the UN-SOLVABLE!

CALL (856) 448-6701

CALL (856) 448-6701

We Make Technology Simple, solving problems no one can!

If you are looking for exemplary service for your home computer, laptop, network or any technology related product or service, please call. We will exceed your expectations with our personalized service, broad range of services coupled with our extremely skilled technicians. The 'Guru' is the ultimate for repairs, common fixes or new technology implementation and setup. Whether you need a repair, upgrade or new implementation, or just need help deciding on what to purchase, you can rely on the guidance provided by SuperTechGuru!

  • Resolve "slow" PC/Laptop issues
  • Eradicate Virus, Malware, Spyware, etc
  • Ensure your wireless network is safe and secure from hackers
  • Assist you with your technology purchase and installations, laptop purchase or desktop computer purchase
  • Upgrades: larger hard drives, add more memory, add a DVD burner, etc
  • Help you setup a "backup" of all your important files!

  • We can help you repair your computer

    We make housecalls
    In-home Computer repairs
    Senior Citizens Discounts

    satisfied customerWe will make you and your Computer happy again!

    Remember when your computer delivered fast web pages?

    We'll get you back to an exciting web browsing experience!

    Tired of slow "computing"?
    Want a FASTER computer?

    we solve your technology needsDon't suffer with slow computer performance, call today. Free estiamtes
    We will put the speed back in your 'surfing'.

    Why is my Computer so SLOW?!

    • Malware
    • Spyware
    • Adware
    • Trojans/Viruses
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